Sunday, 13 June, 2021

Coronavirus: How the Germans are doing better than us

Despite persistent concerns, Europe’s economic engine should quickly regain its cruising speed. And for good reason: it has never stopped, and tens of billions of euros have come to grease its cogs.

Angela Merkel on the sidelines of a “corona meeting” in Berlin on May 6.  Relief across the Rhine:

Dressed in bright vermilion, she appeared serene, smiling, this May 6 in Berlin. As soon as her meeting with the minister-presidents of the regions ended, Angela Merkel announced what all of Germany, and the business world in particular, was hoping to hear: “The first phase of the pandemic is behind us.” The virus is giving way. The Chancellor therefore confirmed the acceleration of deconfinement, which had been initiated two weeks earlier. Thus, by the end of May, all the stores, florists, hairdressers, bookstores, clothing stores, car dealerships, museums, swimming pools, zoos, etc., like all schools will have reopened their doors. In most of the Länder, restaurants and cafes will also have raised their curtains. Even Bundesliga football clubs will have resumed their activities (with games behind closed doors), as will offices and factories.

Of course, there are hiccups: three cantons were “re-defined” on May 10, and Angela Merkel warns the Länder in too much of a hurry to free themselves from the constraints. But what a difference with France, which remained in hibernation for two more long weeks. And what a relief for the rushing business world. The “Corona-Demo“ (anti-claustration demonstrations) had multiplied in the country, the representatives of the Mittelstand (the medium-sized companies) had published a letter

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