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Coronavirus: the epidemic under control but the health emergency maintained

For this first weekend away from home for many French people, the epidemic is finally “controlled” according to experts commissioned by the government, even if the latter recalls that the country remains in a state of health emergency.

Coronavirus: the epidemic under control but the health emergency maintained

On the eve of a first weekend away from home for many French people, the epidemic is finally “controlled” according to experts commissioned by the government, even if the latter recalls that the country remains in a state of emergency sanitary.

And after many contradictory studies, the use of hydroxychloroquine against Covid-19 continues to generate much ink: the major British clinical trial “Recovery” concluded that it had “no effect beneficial ”, its officials announcing the“ immediate ”end of the inclusion of new patients for this treatment against Covid-19.

“Let’s stay vigilant”

In France, “the virus is receding, but it is still circulating,” the Minister of Health Olivier Véran warned on Twitter on Friday, before the first weekend since the removal on Tuesday of the restriction on travel more than 100 km from home.

“We remain in a state of health emergency. Let us take advantage of the new found freedom but let us all remain vigilant during the period and above all let us not forget the barrier gestures ”, he added.

Earlier in the day, Prof. Jean-François Delfraissy, president of the Scientific Council responsible for guiding the authorities in the face of the health crisis, said on France Inter that the epidemic was “under control” and that the virus was circulating “at a small speed”.

And later on Europe 1, he again ruled out the possibility of a new “generalized containment” in the event of a rebound of the epidemic, calling however to keep the distance “for a long time” and believing that the principle of wearing a mask in an enclosed space would continue.

The Directorate General of Health reported on Friday evening 46 new deaths in 24 hours in hospitals across the country, bringing the official death toll to 29,111 since the start of the epidemic. The decline continues in intensive care with 1,094 patients (against more than 7,000 at the peak in early April), or 69 patients less since Thursday. The next report will be communicated on Monday, said the DGS.

In this Mother’s Day weekend, the French, who have been able to find since Tuesday cafes, bars and restaurants in green areas and terraces in orange areas (Ile-de-France, Mayotte, Guyana) will be able, thanks to at the end of the travel restrictions, go see their relatives, some of whom have been separated for almost three months.

With the gradual reopening since this week of beaches, museums, monuments, zoos or theaters, while respecting certain rules of distancing or wearing a mask, they will also be able to rediscover the pleasure of reconnecting with forgotten leisure activities.

This Friday, the tourists were not numerous but delighted to survey the castle of Chambord again, with 360 entries, instead of around 3,000 at that time usually. And on Saturday, it will be Versailles’ turn to welcome visitors again.

The Fête de la Musique is for its part maintained for June 21 but will be different from previous editions: if shows can be put on in rooms in the green zone, “we are heading towards the impossibility of being able to spontaneously organize a concert in the area. rue ”, indicated the Minister of Culture Franck Riester on Europe 1, while most of the summer festivals in France have been canceled.

“It will be necessary to leave an empty seat, and not a row, between each social group” in the cinema, he also specified.

Four scenarios

In this context, the Scientific Council, preparing the continuation, published Thursday a new opinion recommending to prepare for “four probable scenarios” for the months to come, going from an “epidemic under control” to a “critical degradation”.

The first scenario, “the most favorable”, considers only a few “localized outbreaks that can be controlled”.

The National Assembly examined a bill on Friday that would allow both the postponement of the second round of municipal elections in the event of a resurgence of the coronavirus epidemic and a facilitated proxy vote, if it takes place on June 28.

“Overinterpretation of the protocol”

As for schools, the recovery is not broad enough to the taste of some parents, as for Rachida, in Pantin. “My employer now requires my physical presence three or four days a week … a real pain” for this single mother, because her children, “not priority”, did not have a place at school.

Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer said Thursday he hoped the health protocol could be relaxed “soon”. For government spokesperson Sibeth Ndiaye, “some town halls have overinterpreted the health protocol”, wishing that “town halls which have not yet opened their schools can do so as quickly as possible”.

In this regard, justice on Friday ordered the city of Marseille to welcome students from small and very small sections of kindergarten, in compliance with health rules, going against a decision of the town hall which dismissed the resumption of their classes in September.

While opinion polls have shown that a large majority of French people severely judge its management of the crisis, the government could soon announce the creation of an independent commission of inquiry.

On the front of the social and economic emergency, which is increasingly taking precedence over the health emergency, Emmanuel Macron and Edouard Philippe brought together unions and employers on Thursday in search of solutions to “save jobs”.

Among the measures announced after this meeting, companies that will recruit an apprentice from July 1 to February 28 will benefit from extended hiring aid of 8,000 euros for adults and 5,000 euros for minors.

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