Monday, 14 June, 2021

Emmanuel Chiva, new innovation Mr.

EXCLUSIVE. Emmanuel Chiva will be appointed head of the army’s brand new innovation agency, with a budget of one billion euros per year. Its mission: to strengthen military R&D by bringing it closer to the civilian innovation ecosystem.

Emmanuel Chiva, future boss of the defense innovation agency

It was an intense competition, with dozens of candidates. We now know the winner: according to our information, it is Emmanuel Chiva, Deputy CEO of Agueris, who will take the head of the brand new Defense Innovation Agency created by the Minister of the Armed Forces Florence Parly. This 49-year-old normalien, doctor in bioinformatics, is familiar with military innovation. Chairman of the innovation committee of Gicat, the professional land armament union, he is also a member of the supervisory board of Def’Invest, the investment fund of the Ministry of the Armed Forces dedicated to strategic SMEs. His appointment as head of the defense innovation agency, which was announced internally on July 10, is scheduled for September.

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